Digital Transformation | done-with-you

A Dedicated Project to Get Results

Digital Transformation projects, while having most elements in common, are unique to each business. We follow a process for each client and have three project types or starting points:

A Situation Analysis

The Digital Situation Analysis covers all the basics and more. From Google Analytics to Social to your Website to comparisons with competitors – it is all covered.  Not only that we will also test engagement on your website with one of our widgets. That way we will not only provide you with a Digital Situation Analysis but also insight into the next steps for you to consider.

Digital Strategy

We start out with a workshop with you and your team to gather all perspectives and requirements, we have found this to be of great value when it comes to using and implementing strategy. We then do a full review of your business, how it works, how your customers buy, data analytics as well as testing some engagement on your website. We include a Digital Situation Analysis in our Digital Strategy projects as it is vital as a starting point.

Digital strategy projects are focused on forming and implementing your Digital Strategy for business growth. They usually take 4 – 6 weeks to complete but the timing depends on each case. We conclude with a follow-up workshop to discuss the Digital strategy and address all aspects so you are ready to implement and take action.

We aim to not just leave you with a document but with an action plan. We can then leave you to implement it on your own or with partners or we can guide and support you through implementation. The choice is yours.

Digital Implementation

Once you have your Digital strategy you may want help or guidance with implementation and we can help. We work on the basis of “done-with-you” and are not an agency looking to take over. We will advise and guide and if you need us to implement some aspects on your behalf we can do that. For example setting up your analytics, integrations to your CRM, managing widgets for engagement, advice in selecting a web or advertising agency, building a social plan, or setting up a reporting system.

These are just a few examples where clients have asked for help. Each case is individual and we work on that basis, supporting you in your Digital success.